Urban-to-Adventure Performance Wear Handcrafted in Patagonia

We combine handwoven pieces with high-end performance fabrics. The result is modern, versatile apparel that transitions seamlessly from outdoor to urban adventures.

Our Story

We believe that profit is a consequence of doing business the right way. That’s why we prioritize the social and environmental impact of our work, above all else.

Our Process

We are to date the only vertically integrated global outdoor apparel company in the industry. 

We're based in Tierra del Fuego, Patagonia, where all of our pieces are handmade. It is a five-part procedure that includes shearing, yarn production, knitting, chalking and cutting, and assembling. 

Built For the Long Haul

We are dedicated to making apparel that can be worn for decades, not days.

That’s why we offer a lifetime guarantee outside of normal wear. We’ll even cover the cost of shipping.

People & Planet First

We are to date the only vertically integrated global outdoor apparel company in the industry. 

Our social and environmental impact is at the core of our work, above all else.

Find out what The Voice, the leading outdoor industry trade publication, had to say about our Tase Zip Up Jacket. 
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As a certified B Corp, we believe that it's important to be transparent about our values. These are more than just statements; they are a way of life for us. Our core values positively impact our environment, employees, and community.
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Looking for the next step to reduce your environmental fashion footprint? Grab a book and study up! We found this book list complied by CNN Style to help you understand your role as a conscientious consumer, the economic structures that have contributed to the climate crisis, and the visionaries who are paving the way for a better future.
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