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Sophisticated & Functional Apparel Handcrafted in Patagonia

We combine handwoven pieces with high-end performance fabrics.

The result is modern, versatile apparel that transitions seamlessly from outdoor to urban adventures.

Built For the Long Haul

We are dedicated to making apparel that can be worn for decades, not days.

That’s why we offer a lifetime guarantee outside of normal wear. We’ll even cover the cost of shipping.

Putting People & The Planet First

We believe that profit is a consequence of doing business the right way.

Our social and environmental impact is at the core of our work, above all else.

The circumstances of our summer are certainly unprecedented. It may feel like an odd time to consider your waste, but we disagree. We’ve been given an opportunity to see what we can do without many luxuries we take for granted. Now is the perfect time to prioritize, think local, and shop smart.
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Thanks to the dedication of the Corporation Selk’nam Chile, the National Congress in Chile has approved a bill for the Selk’nam people to be officially recognized as an indigenous ethnic group. This is particularly important given the renewed effort to recognize historically marginalized groups. Prior to this recognition, the Selk’nam were declared “extinct,” when in reality, their ancestors are active and living. 
  • 2 min read
With the environmental and performance benefits of natural fibers, from local animals such as alpaca, llama, and sheep, and the performance capabilities of high-quality recycled fabrics like Polartec® Power Stretch Pro, we can guarantee the best garments that last for years to come. 
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