Celebrating Day Of the Weaver

Celebrating Day Of the Weaver

On July 13th we celebrated Day of the Weaver in Chile, paying homage to women who have dedicated their lives to making artisanal clothing.

Here at Karukinka, we employ 15 local women between the ages of 20 and 70 who spin, weave, sew, and create our apparel in the city of Porvenir on the island of Tierra del Fuego. Chile has one of the lowest rates of women’s employment in South America, but the women of Karukinka are the lifeblood of this company.

Part of our mission as a company committed to social and environmental responsibility is to empower people and communities as they rescue traditional crafts. At Karukinka, we seek to honor and reclaim the traditions of the ancestral people of this land. Elevating the skills that are traditionally the domain of women has become an important way for our company to do this.

Without the predominant women-led production team, Karukinka wouldn’t be what it is today. Our choice to create a slow fashion brand that hand makes clothing in Tierra del Fuego creates jobs for the women of this region. Their wages go back into the local economy, stimulating the region and bringing economic prosperity and modernity to Patagonia while honoring tradition. And that is passed onto you with every single piece of Karukinka apparel.

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