Handle with Care: Caring for your Karukinka

Handle with Care: Caring for your Karukinka

At Karukinka, we seamlessly blend natural fibers and performance fabrics to give you both form and function. While we can guarantee you will treasure your Karukinka for years to come, how you take care of your Karukinka will affect the quality and lifespan of your garment. 

1) First, reconsider how often you think you need to wash your wool sweater. You probably wash it more than necessary. Wool is an extremely durable and odor-resistant material, which is why we are drawn to it. If you wear a base layer, don’t sweat much, or purchase a garment in a darker color that doesn’t show much dirt, you can actually probably get away with five or more wears between washing. 

Remember that over-washing a piece of clothing can degrade it. This is especially a problem for apparel made out of synthetic fibers as those microplastics and petroleum-based materials will drain out of your washing machine and inevitably end up in our rivers and streams. Luckily, natural fibers like the llama, alpaca, and sheep wool used in Karukinka products won’t impact the planet in the same way, but it’s still something to consider. 

2) Karukinka products should be machine washed in 30° C water in a wool or hand wash setting if possible. If not, consider handwashing at the same temperature. Many wool apparel companies will suggest dry cleaning but we do not recommend this for our products. We do suggest washing separately or with similar colors, closing all fasteners before throwing in the wash, and washing with a detergent made specifically for wool. Do not bleach wool or use a softener. 

3) Don’t dry your Karukinka clothing in a tumble dryer. The dryer can further any damage caused by the washing machine and can shrink or misshape wool. If you are trying to reduce your reliance on fossil fuels, lessening your dryer use will help you cut back. Instead of hanging them to dry, you should handle and reshape them carefully when they are wet and lay them flat to dry. Once dry, you can smooth them out with a cool iron. 

Following these steps will help your Karukinka garment last for decades. Consider applying this advice to how you care for all your clothing. Browse all of our garments, perfect for the upcoming fall season, here